Friday, April 3, 2009

What a process!

It is still a work in progress! You can see the footprints of our sweet dogs! They didn't know what to think of the floors being off limits!

Before! Well, after the carpet!

We have recently started tearing out carpet and painting our concrete for the time being. We used Valspars's browstone which I found on thisyounghouse blog. Our long term goal is to put down the same wood floors throughout the house that are in our kitchen, new bedroom addition, and mud room. Anyway, I plan to add some new rugs and maybe even repaint our kitchen! My husband will just die if I pull out anymore paint right now. We just repainted our bedroom and I will post photos soon! Blue, Blue, Blue! I love it!


  1. Wow! We've been doing the SAME thing!! We really want wood floors, but our budget isn't as ready as we are, SO . . we've been pulling up carpet and painting the slab with 'iced espresso' porch and floor paint. So far we've done the playroom and the master bedroom. I'm so happy with it - wish we'd have done it sooner! :)

  2. That is crazy! My family all feel so much better. I believe the carpet was making us sick. I want to see the color of your floor. i would like to glaze or add more color eventually. I should have done it sooner as well! I love your blog! I am glad I found you. It is nice to know more Christian moms who we can all collaborate on life together! Thanks!