Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have been telling everyone about I hope she doesnt mind! I am so inspired about her design and decorating. She and her husband have done so much to their home. It gives me hope for my never ending remodel!

First Baptist Academy Art Show and Auction 2009

The platters were done by

My artistic contribution was this lapdesk! The amazing photography is by

The day has come and now passed. Our auction was very successful and we couldnt be more excited! We were concerned with how the economy would effect us this year. We have such amazing people that contributed to the success. Our class portraits, theme baskets, and class projects were over the top!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Colby 10/19/2002 - 1/16/2004
This Friday is our 7th annual Art Show and Auction at the school that I work for. I have worked there for six years this August. We want to let our families and contributors know what our school means to us. We are blessed beyond educating our young minds! Our school is a family to all new and old. We all have stories and strive to show love and support to all. This year Iwanted our auction to begin on a bit of a different note. I want to share our family and students stories. Including mine.

Our son Colby lost his life to leukemia at the age of three. He was a student at our school including my two other children as well. Blake was in kindergarten and Chloe was in the toddler class when they lost their brother. It was such a blessing to know that our children were taken care of, loved, and prayed with while times were extremely tough. Our staff and families took care of us in so many ways.

As well as several other families, I plan to share our testimony too. So many people do know...but so many do not. I hope that it will inspire many and let them know how wonderful it is to be a Mom, friend, and Business Administrator at First Baptist Academy of Conroe, Texas. I ask for your prayers that I may communicate what is on my heart.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Facebook | Your Photos - Mobile Uploads

Facebook Your Photos - Mobile Uploads

Our 7th Annual Art show and Auction is this Friday, February 27 at 6:30. I am so excited about all of our childrens art work and class projects. It is going to be amazing!

Mackinac Island

We have visited Mackinac Island several times now. It is one of my favorite places on earth. The homes and gardens are amazing. The horses are kept warm in their stalls wearing burberry coats! The entire Island is restricted from vehicles. Trasportation is by horse or bike only! My perfect world! Horses and more horses! The views are incredible and the fudge is world famous. There are many options in accomadations and a wide vast of restaurants. And did I mention
"fudge"? These are not the best pictures. They are from my blackberry.

Our home

We have been in our home almost two years now. We are constantly remodeling. We found our home with a fairly new pool and five lots one block from the lake. It was hidious when we first saw it. We are progressing one project at a time. Sometimes two! It has been an adventure considering our last home we had built!

My sister

These are some photos that we recently took of my sister april. She is an amazing singer and song writer. I will try to upload her music soon.

Sunsets on Lake Conroe

I have been having alot of fun lately taking pictures. I have a new respect for photography.

Lake Day

Today was a little cold, but definitely a beautiful day. We recently went in half and bought a boat with some friends! We enjoyed driving around looking at homes. The sun helped us from getting too cold. It was just perfect! We cant wait for summer!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Luis Salute

February 21, 2009, we attended an event fundraiser in Galveston, Texas for UTMB after the hurricane. Mardi Gras themed and tuxedo attire! The Landry owners hosted an eventful evening of music, fashion show, tribute of daughters and wonderful food.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Galveston Conference

I grew up every summer going to spend time on Galveston Island. Since it is only two hours away, it is always an easy vacation! Every year I attend the ACSI conference to earn my in service hours that are mandated by the state. This year was different. We look forward to the great seafood and shopping on the strand is always the best! Dont forget about the candy stores. Last weekend was a huge heart ache. The stores were still closed and the restaurants that we love so much were barely open. I mean barely because the whole place is not completely ready. Our favorite lunch spot, fuddruckers, is still closed. It saddened me greatly. Here are just a few photos that I grabbed on the way out. Did I mention Starbucks was still closed? Come on people. Where is the help?