Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Web Design

Sweet baby girll! Gig'em!

Queen Bee Mrs. Archer and The Wallace twins! Love them!

My husband is an amazing designer! Can you believe that I actually built a website before him some 13 years ago! Too bad i didnt stick with it because I am always bugging him to design for me. I am getting better though! I cant wait for him to design me a top notch blog. Since I am not a paying customer, I have to wait! just Kidding! He just completely finished our school's website which also happens to be my employer, my daughter's school and our home away from home. First Baptist Academy in Conroe, Texas nurture's Ages one year throught Fourth Grade and has an excellent academic program. We are more than just a school! Please check us out! Here are some recent pictures as well!


  1. I'm impressed! The website looks fantastic! Thanks for following my blog! ^_^


  2. I am lovin' that little Aggie girl! How cute is that!!! :)