Monday, April 20, 2009

living room ideas
Bhg.comI could see my little ranch being so bright and colorful! I love all the color.  Not so sure my husband would like!
I am not sure if it is that Spring is here or what, but I feel like getting rid of all the neutral in my home.  For the first time ever, I am ready for color, color, color and more color!  Maybe it is since my floors are so dark now.  I am not sure, but forever reason, I am ready for color!  It could be that for years I have been afraid of taking chances.  I painted my whole kitchen wall over a year ago with chalkboard paint.  Everyone thought I was crazy and wouldnt  you know, everyone is now using chalkboard paint everywhere!  I love blues!  I always hated my Mom's blue everything, and now I finally agree.  Dont you just hate it the older you get, the more you become your mother in ways!  I promised my husband to take a break from house projects, so I will.  Hopefully when school is out and I am not working 60 hours a week, I can paint again!

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