Friday, February 5, 2010


For the past several days, I had the opportunity to go to a Christian School conference in Galveston, Texas. I have attended the ACSI or known as American Christian Schools International, for about the past six years. I always enjoy attending and learning new things! You can never learn enough!
This year was a little different. I had the privilege of a good friend and myself attending and traveling alone. It is amazing how God always has a plan and has the ability to open our eyes. We all know that positive enforcement and consistency with anything is always great! Well, we somehow get blindsided and overlook the joys and encouragement of everyday life. We forget that to build and educate great kids, we must encourage, encourage, and encourage. A child must at least hear one positive thing in relation with their name each day. That sounds so easy, how do we forget and make the mistake of not doing so.
It is sad to say that we all get so busy and wrapped up in our own needs and lose sight of the bigger picture. Yes, I pray. Yes, I read my bible. But, do I always acknowledge and recognize someone each day in a positive way? I like to think I do, but after being refreshed and energized, I quickly realized that I need to step it up. Just a few words of encouragement can merely change and alter our entire moral and those around us.

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