Friday, January 8, 2010

More cuties!

The orange sunset perfectly matched for her costume!
Our sunset. Beautiful.

ME and the CHLO CLO!

Gotta love lake livin' and a little of attitude from your seven year old! See that face on the left. We did not win the costume contest.

After all today is Elvis' birthday!

I Know they dont count as kids, but I had to add my great retired neighbors too!

I love to take pictures and I think my neighbors are glad that I love to take pictures! Even though it may take me forever to get them handed over, they still know that they will eventually get them! The paying jobs always take priority. Halloween was not only a great evening of treat or treating and fun, but it was my husbands 35th birthday. It is very sad that I am just now getting around to this post! I figured what a great day to share all of our kids great costumes and pay a little respect to the King. Well, not my king. That would be God! But, the King of Rock and Roll! Thank you very much!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year!

When I first started blogging, I was full force. My husband told me I was obsessed and so I slowly stepped away from the computer. This past year has been a year of its own. Yes, there were times of joy, but times of sadness as well. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I found the strength to pull through and I am still pulling! I am excited for a new year and a new way of priortizing the things that are most important. I am not one to have a New Year resolution or even list for that matter. I just try to think of things and places where I fall short and how I can improve.
We have started the year off by starting another project. We purchased our home almost three years ago and it has been a constant project. You see, the house was horrid! We had previously built a custom austin stone home on 2.5 acres. From travertine to slate to granite, there was no need for any updates. We later realized that the school district was not exactly where we wanted our children to attend. Our home was quickly put on the market and quickly sold. At the time our great friends had a mobile home on property that was basically brand new. We moved in and we were so excited to have the option where we could take our time to find a home or build again. Obviously in a better school district. Well, the friendship ended due to circumstances on their behalf and we had to find a home within a week to move to.
We found our now house on the market for sale and figured we would have to find some place to lease until a purchase of home. To make a long story short, the owner had already moved out and the buyers loan had fallen through. The owner let us move in that week and we closed on our home 4 weeks later. I know it was all in Gods hands and it was his timing. We fell in love with our horrid home because it is on five lots with a pool and spa one block from the lake. We could easily forget about the light house wall paper and seashell sink! Not really, but ever since we have updated one room at time. Our nice vacations have turned into bathroom remodeling, new 4th bedroom, mud room, pantry, etc.
My new laundry room and pantry should be finished within the newt few days! I have washed clothes by hooking up our washing machine with a garden house, and it is definitely time!
Happy New Year!