Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Colby 10/19/2002 - 1/16/2004
This Friday is our 7th annual Art Show and Auction at the school that I work for. I have worked there for six years this August. We want to let our families and contributors know what our school means to us. We are blessed beyond educating our young minds! Our school is a family to all new and old. We all have stories and strive to show love and support to all. This year Iwanted our auction to begin on a bit of a different note. I want to share our family and students stories. Including mine.

Our son Colby lost his life to leukemia at the age of three. He was a student at our school including my two other children as well. Blake was in kindergarten and Chloe was in the toddler class when they lost their brother. It was such a blessing to know that our children were taken care of, loved, and prayed with while times were extremely tough. Our staff and families took care of us in so many ways.

As well as several other families, I plan to share our testimony too. So many people do know...but so many do not. I hope that it will inspire many and let them know how wonderful it is to be a Mom, friend, and Business Administrator at First Baptist Academy of Conroe, Texas. I ask for your prayers that I may communicate what is on my heart.

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  1. Your son Colby looked like a beautiful and happy boy. I wish you all the best with your auction and conveying your story.
    Catherine xx